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Almost everything in business eventually boils down to the rupee sign,” so the adage goes. Hence, irrespective of what his or her primary area of work is, every manager needs a basic grounding in finance. And the need becomes greater as one rises in the organizational hierarchy.
Often non-finance executives have an aversion or even fear of accounting and finance. This stems mainly from lack of familiarity. Years of interaction with non-finance executives has convinced me that if the basic of finance are explained in a simple and lucid manner, negative feelings turn into positive appreciation. This course seeks to achieve this transformation.


Designed to demystify the field of finance, this course seeks to :

  • provide a basic understanding of the accounting reports used in business.
  • familiarise the participants with the financial environment of business.
  • develop skills in applying financial tools and techniques.
  • hone the finance sense of non-finance executives.
  • facilitate meaningful communication among managers, using the language of finance.

Organizing Framework

The organizing framework of the programme is Value Octagon developed by Dr. Prasanna Chandra. It is shown below:



The programme consists of four modules as mentioned below :

Module A : Accounting and Financial System

  1. Understanding Financial Statements
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Strategy, Planning and Budgeting
  4. Cost Analysis and Management
  5. The Financial System

Module B : Key Financial Decisions

  1. Basic Valuation Concepts
  2. Investment Decisions
  3. Financing Decisions
  4. Working Capital Management
  5. Corporate Risk Management

Module C : Corporate Valuation and Value Creation

  1. Corporate Valuation
  2. Behavioral Finance
  3. Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
  4. Value Based Management and Organizational Architecture
  5. Corporate Governance and Stellar Value Creators

Module D: Portfolio Management

  1. Portfolio Management

Distinctive Features

The distinctive features of the course are :

  • Comprehensive and integrated coverage.
  • Thrust on ‘ managing for value creation’.
  • Focus on key principles, ideas, and intuitions.
  • Adequate treatment of behavioural dimensions.
  • Discussion of practice.


  • Twenty five hours of videos covering sixteen topics.For each of the sixteen topics, a separate video will be provided.
  • World class reading material.
  • Querying facility.
  • Online exam that can be taken at home.

For Whom

The course will benefit:

  • Middle and senior level managers.
  • Entrepreneurs and businessmen.
  • Finance professionals looking for a holistic view of ‘ modern corporate finance’.
  • Students of MBA, CA, CMA, and CS programmes interested in a straightforward refresher on finance.

Format and Duration

The course is a distance learning online programme with a three to six months duration depending on the participant's pace.

Certificate of Participation

There will be a self-assessment quiz (MCQ type) at the end of each of the sixteen videos. Candidates who score an aggregate of 50% across all the sixteen short quizzes, will be issued a Certificate of Participation titled ‘Finance for Managers – Managing for Value Creation’ from Centre for Financial Management.

Examination and Qualification

For those candidates who want to get the ’Diploma in Corporate Finance’ issued by Centre for Financial Management, there will be a three-hour online exam covering the entire curriculum. Candidates have to score a minimum of 55% to get the ‘Diploma in Corporate Finance’ . The examination will be conducted every quarter, on the first Sunday in the months of February, May, August and November. The timing will be 10am – 1pm.An examination fee of Rs.2500 (payable at the time of exam registration) will be charged.

Enrolment and Fees

Enrolment for the course will be open throughout the year. Please visit the website www.cfm-india.com for details. The fee structure for the course (inclusive of the study material) is as follows :
INR 7500 , INR 5000 (for students ), $200( for overseas participants ) The examination fee is Rs.2500 for Indian participants (including students) and $50 for overseas participants.

Mode of Payment

The course fee is payable online/cheque (in favour of Prasanna Chandra Centre for Financial Management LLP’). The examination fee is payablethrough Google Pay/cheque (in favour of SS Educational Services).

Validity Period

Enrolment of a candidate will be valid for a period of nine months from the date of registration.
During this period, if a candidate gets an average score of 50% in the short quizzes at the end of the sixteen videos, he/she will be issued a ‘Certificate of Participation’.
During this period, a candidate is allowed to make not more than two attempts for the examination meant for ‘Diploma in Corporate Finance’ . An examination fee of Rs.2500 will be charged for each of the attempts.